Investment Package

- from 1% to 8% daily profit
- Investment for an unlimited period
- No minimum & maximum limit of investment

The investment packages offered by an online investing firm are the most vital aspect that lures client to Sign up with them.

BitCapital Limited is a private online investment website whose basic aim is to earn as much profit from Bitcoin Trading as possible. Our company has hired a bunch of highly qualified, trained and experienced people to devise investment packages which we then offer to our clients.

BitCapital Limited offers you a variety of investment packages. These investment packages have been devised in a very intelligent manner so that no matter which one you opt for, you will definitely reap huge gains and total returns on investments you make. These investment packages are very effective and ensure stable hourly profit.

  • Investment Package
  • from 1% to 8% Daily Profit
  • Investment for an unlimited period
  • No minimum limit of investment
  • No maximum limit of investment
  • Release the principal anytime you wish (with 9% release fee)

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