We pay from 1% to 8% daily on your Active Investments


Get a stable profit
11.1% daily / ~344% month

To get a stable profit up to 11.1% daily you need to make an investment of more than 1 BTC.
* All deposits that were created before and corresponding to these conditions will automatically earn stable incomes

Principal back
at any time

Receive interest

Watch how your
capital grows

Trading History

We provide you with detailed trading history for you to evaluate our forex traders' past performance. Detailed trading history is also available in your personal account.


Sunday - 03/26/2017 Full Trading Report →
Profits Report: March 2017

* Saturdays and Sundays fixed 1% daily interest.

Total Profit of this month


Check our detailed trading reports on a daily basis. We will keep you updated every day. Every day's interest will be in the range of 1% up to 8%. On weekends it will be fixed at 1%. Interest is the same for all investment amounts. In order to see forex trading reports from brokers' accounts please contact our support team via email.

No Minimum & Maximum

BitCapital Limited


  • Full confidentiality

    Absolute safety. No one else will be able to freeze or in any way interfere in your account. Now you can anonymously spend their Bitcoin wherever accept credit cards.

  • Pay anywhere in the world

    Earlier Bitcoin could pay only in small shops, but now the whole world is open to you. With BitCapital Limited payment cards for Bitcoin no borders.

  • No any hidden fees

    Stop wasting your money on bank commissions and change currency at disadvantageous exchange rate. Start using a payment card BitCapital Limited and watch your money really work for you!


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